1. All birds will be flown to one loft from South to North
2. We offer Five-Race paid by the CLOCKING ORDER
150 miles, 200 miles, 250 miles, 300 miles, 350 miles[+/-]
3. Birds will be quarantined for 7- 14 days upon arrival.
4. All Birds will be vaccinated for PMV upon arrival.
5. All birds will have their 9th and 10th flight pulled.
6. Participants must be over 21 years old.
7. All birds must be banded with a 2024 seamless band recognized by a National Organization
8. The maximum capacity of the loft is 500 birds.Loft will be closed once loft limit of 500 is achieved through paid reservations or birds in the loft
9. $0 perch fee must be sent with the birds.
10. A completed W-9 form will be required for all winnings of $600 or more.
11. The final prizes will be adjusted according to the final activation.
12. 20% will be withheld for race expenses.
13. Entry Fees are $250 per bird. .Birds become Potomac River 1loft property if they don't activate after the 100-mile race OR may be activated by another breeder
14. Perch Fees are $0 no perch fee)
15. The loft manager has the right to make the final decisions.
16. Visitors are welcome by appointment only and can not handle any bird.
17. Birds will be returned upon request and arrangements must be made within 15 days of the last race.
18. The breeders are responsible for shipping costs. Birds not claimed will become the property of POTOMAC RIVER 1loft.
19. Race dates subject to change due to weather conditions and condition of the birds.
20. Not responsible for any birds lost in training or race time,
21. POTOMAC RIVER OLR will hold ABSOLUTELY NO POOLING OR GAMBLING OF ANY TYPE before or during the races and NO birds bred on our property can participate in the POTOMAC RIVER OLR , all flyers are flying for the capital prize only.
22. Birds not activated by the time of the 100 Mile Race will become the property of the Potomac River 1loft and may be activated by another breeder. please Send Birds to: 1820 Duckwall Rd Berkeley Springs, WV 25411